One More Pool to Go


The final week of regular season play resulted in another tie in Sorrento’s NFL Pool. It was the 10th week in a row that the winner was decided by the total points tiebreaker, with Brian Gray beating out seven other players to win the $90 pot.


Al Munro came out on top in overall season wins, six ahead of John Coss and Rick Carleton. Munro will be awarded an NFL jersey of his choosing.


While the regular season pools have come to a close, there’s one more left to go.  The Super Bowl Playoff Pool gets underway Saturday, January 13 during the divisional round. Entry forms will be available following the conclusion of wild card weekend Sunday, January 7.


Players are required to pick the winners of each playoff match right through to the Super Bowl. One point will be awarded for each correct pick in the divisional stage, two per win in the conference finals and three for the Super Bowl. Total points in the Super Bowl will determine the tiebreaker.


The entry fee is $10 and forms will be available at the bar. Completed forms must be submitted prior to the kickoff of the first divisional game at 4:35 pm, January 13.


The best place to watch all the NFL playoff action, starting with wild card weekend, is Sorrento’s Charleswood Centre. We’ll have some great food and beverage specials waiting!