Week 7 winner.

Small Margin for Error in NFL Pool



There have been weeks when an 11-4 record would be good for at least a share of the lead in the Sorrento’s NFL Pool. But in Week #7 all it meant was a tie for last place in the standings.


Bob Stremich headed the 19-player field at 14-1 when the week closed out with a win by the Philadelphia Eagles over the Washington Redskins in the Monday night game. He actually had the $95 pot in the bank by Sunday evening.


Five entrants – Carlo Marinelli, Al Munro, Jimmy Kopansky, Graham Lloyd and Tim Shay – were just one win back but they all had picked Philly leaving no potential to move into first.


The results created a log jam at the top of the standings for overall regular season wins. Munro and Marinelli moved up to join John Coss at the top with 72-34 records. Bill Robertson is one win back, followed by Allan Gobert at 69-37 and Rick Carleton at 68-38.


The field is wide open for Week #8 and entry forms available at the bar in Sorrento’s lounge. Grab one next time you drop in for your favourite beverage and take your shot at the pot. It’s just $5.00 per entry and you can enter as many as you like, as long as they’re submitted prior to the kickoff of the Sunday early games.


You can also do your picks online at The pool number is 47456 and access number is 12345. Register your own password to log in for updated pool standings with the completion of each game. It also shows the picks for all entrants in the pool.


Get in the game at Sorrento’s Charleswood Centre… the best spot around for NFL football accompanied by great food and beverage specials!