Week 8 NFL weekly pool winner!

Three Finish Without a Loss


Rich Carleton came close to perfection in Week #8 of the Sorrento’s NFL Pool. With a 13-0 record, the only thing he missed was the total points for the Monday night game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos.


The Chiefs won by a 29-19 score for a total of 48 points and Carleton had gone with 43. Still, locked in a tie with Al Olafson and Al Munroe, he was the closest to the winning number and took the $90 pot.


Even though Al Munro missed out on the past week’s money, he moved into the lead in overall standings for regular season wins. He now sits at 85-34, followed by Carlo Marinelli and John Coss with 83-36 records. Bill Robertson is at 82-37 and Carleton is one win further back.


It’s time to start analyzing the match-ups for Week #9 and get your picks in for a chance to take home the next weekly pot. Entry forms are available right now at the bar.


A number of regular entrants are making their picks online. You can do the same by going to Log in using pool number 47456 and access number 12345. Whichever way you enter you can

register your own user name to check on regularly updated standing and view picks by all players entered for the week. It also shows overall wins for every play entering the pool.


So throw in your five bucks for a chance to pick up some extra cash at Sorrento’s Charleswood Centre… the perfect place to catch all the NFL action and enjoy our food and beverage specials. Remember it’s happy hour prices all day long in the lounge for NFL Sundays!