One More Chance to Jump in the Pool!


In the penultimate week of the regular season schedule the total points tiebreaker came into play for the ninth time to decide the winner of Sorrento’s NFL Pool. In fact, there have been only four times all season that had an outright winner.


For Week #17 Allan Gobert and John Coss were locked at the top, with Coss picking one less in the total points prediction. That was all it took to grab the $85 pot. Six players were one win out of the running with 13-3 records.


The race for overall season wins is pretty much settled with Al Munro sitting five ahead of Rick Carleton. Unless Munro neglects to get his picks in for the final week the prize of an NFL jersey should be his for the taking.


Sixteen Sunday games are scheduled to close out the regular season so there’s one more chance to win, on the last day of the year. Entry forms are available at the bar, or you can enter online at runyourpool. Log in using pool number 47456 and access number 12345 if you haven’t been on the site. Choose your own password to log back in for updated game results and standings throughout Sunday’s action. Once you’re on the site, create a personal password to log back in for updated game results and standings.


It’s just $5.00 to enter so even if you’re not a regular, give it a shot and just might win the final pot. Entries must be submitted before the kickoff of the Sunday noon games.


See you at Sorrento’s Charleswood Centre for NFL football featuring Happy Hour beverage pricing and some great food specials all day long!